Clan Pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 1

 So since I last showed my Verminlord, I’ve been painting him with a lot of attention and choosing unusual colour palettes. Since Sektretch is really old ( like as far back to the rise of clan Pestilens in “The-world-that-was”), I wanted my model to have this really old appearance, rusting cracked horns and dull grey fur. 

I was an 8th edition player when I first played the Skaven, so having a character that is from the old Warhammer world is a homage to my old Skaven army. I haven’t figured out Sektretch’s full backstory yet, but I’m hoping to one day post it in a future blog.



I hope this will inspire new and old painters to paint their army collection, and thanks for reading 🙂


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