Verminlord: Sektretch 

Since I’ve been looking at warhammer: AOS (age of sigmar) for a few months now, I want to do a blog series about my journey for building a mighty army, and what better way than to start collecting the foul and crazy faction, Clan Pestilens! 

To start off, I’ve decided to use my Verminlord Corruptor as my main hero for my army ( because a towering  plague Demi-rat god with two blades are badass!). I’ve named him Sektretch, a crazy old Verminlord who’s goal is to find one of the thirteen great plagues and use it to destroy his arch rival, (Verminlord Corrupter) Versther.
The next model I’ll be adding is a plague priest to the army for extra (unholy) blessings to the army. I’ll be adding him to the blog series soon.

(Fun fact: originally, I was going to do a Verminlord Deciver, until the new AOS Skaven book came out. The orange horns on the Verminlord corrupter are from a conversion I was in the process of painting. So I ripped the Deciver parts and glued the Corrupter parts instead.) 


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